9 Week Dissection Lab

In this course, we will carefully dissect 9 animals: fetal pig (4-7"), grass frog (3"+), earthworm (6-8"), Lubber grasshopper, crayfish (3-4"), clam (3-4"), perch (5-7"), starfish (3-5"), and Grantia (sponge) while examining and discussing the biology and anatomy of each creature. We will dissect one animal during each class. This will be a recorded class demonstration and will show a step-by-step approach to dissecting the animal. We will have discussions throughout the course using Nearpod and Flipgrid about the body parts and their functions and how they relate to the human body. Student will engage with each other and do extra quizzes and activities through Flipgrid. Each week we will complete the dissection of one animal. We will complete a full dissection of the animal. After completing the step-by-step lab. Students will be encouraged to explore their animals further and post comments, questions, and discoveries to the group discussion boards. Students will work alongside the teacher is helping their classmates identify these parts. Students will also be given notes and charts to fill in about their dissection as well. Week 1: Grantia Week 2: Starfish Week 3: Perch Week 4: Clam Week 5: Crayfish Week 6: Grasshopper Week 7: Earthworm Week 8: Grass Frog Week 9: Fetal Pig Students will need to order the items listed in the supply list. Make sure that all materials are ordered and received by the first day of class

9 Week Dissection Lab
Shelby Landreth

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9 Week Dissection Lab
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