ABC...Learn With Me!

In this ongoing class, students will learn the alphabet through a variety of hands-on interactive activities. Students will engage in activities such as alphabet scavenger hunts, crafts for their letters, letter-themed snacks, as well as handwriting practice. Students will receive a new letter each day to practice! Join us as we turn learning the alphabet into an experience that your child will not be able to forget. This fun and exciting class will have your child eager to join us for each class to find out what fun activity will be completed each day. The student will also receive worksheets for each letter that they can practice at home to further their understanding. Week of April 25 Week 1: A, B, C Ants On A Log Snack Letter B Scavenger Hunt Cat Craft Week of May 9 Week 2: D, E, F Dirt Cake Snack Elephant craft Frog Snack Week of May 16 Week 3: G, H, I Ghost Story Horse Craft Ice Cream in a Bag Snack Week of May 16 Week 4: J, K, L Watercolor Jelly fish Spring Kite Lava Lamp Craft Week of May 23 Week 5: M, N, O Monster Bites Snack Noodle Craft Ocean Adventure Week of May 23 Week 6: P, Q, R Pizza Snack Quilt Craft Raincloud in a jar Week of May 30 Week 7: S, T, U Snow Craft Turtle Snack Umbrella craft Week 8: V, W, X Volcano Craft Whale Craft X-ray Snack Week 9: Y, Z, Review Yarn Craft Zoo Snack We look forward to learning the ABC's in this creative way with your student!

ABC...Learn With Me!
Shelby Landreth

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ABC...Learn With Me!
ongoing Course
30 minutes per class
3x per week every 1 week
3-5 Years old
3-10 learners per class

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