Amazing Animal Habitats

In this ongoing class we will begin to explore the question “What is a habitat and where can I find one?. This class will include an exploration under the sea to examine the essential structures and animals that create the ocean habitat. We will also explore the polar habitat by performing an experiment to show students how animals in this habitat stay warm. We will explore the animals of the savannah and what makes them unique. We will continue the course by discussing the rainforest habitat along with learning about the camouflage of animals in this habitat. : Week 1: Ocean Habitat : Week of May Week 2: Polar Habitat : Week 3: Savannah Habitat : Week 4: Rainforest Habitat This class does not require any prerequisite learning

Amazing Animal Habitats
Shelby Landreth

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Amazing Animal Habitats
ongoing Course
30 minutes per class
2x per week every week
5-8 Years old
1-10 learners per class

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