Autism Social Group

In this class, students who are aware of their condition will have the opportunity to talk to other peers with Autism. This will be a safe space to talk about the challenges they have and find ways to help cope and overcome their struggles. This will also be a safe place to discuss things that they have accomplished. They will have a chance to "just talk." This class welcomes verbal and nonverbal learners. NOTE: THIS CLASS IS FOR STUDENTS WHO ARE AWARE THAT THEY HAVE AUTISM Students will respond to discussion posts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in the classroom and on FlipGrid related to social skills and common troubles. We will discuss the coping strategies and how to apply them to our daily lives. This group will also be a safe place that children can openly post and discuss issues that they are struggling with within their lives the center around autism. They can get advice from peers and talk to peers about how they cope with the challenges. This class will help foster a community and support group for these children that are all dealing with like circumstances. This class is has been created as a flex course so that students can come and comment at times that they feel most comfortable or in need. Everyone in these situations has a place that they feel most comfortable to access the class. This course will give them the flexibility to come and go as they please.

Autism Social Group

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Autism Social Group
flexible schedule Course
No live meetings
11-16 Years old
3-10 learners per class


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