Beginner Origami

In this 4 week class, students will be taught step by step how to make origami masterpieces. Each video will include a step by step in-depth tutorial of how to create each fold to make a masterpiece. There will be 3 videos posted each week. One on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Students will be asked to follow the steps to create their own and then post a photo of what they created. If students need help they will be able to problem-solve with the teacher as well as peers. Students will be asked to comment on at least one discussion post per week. Students will also be asked to teach and present to the class on of their own piece of origami that they have either learned or know how to do from their own experiences. The last day of this class will ask that each student posts a video of them making their favorite piece of origami. Week 1: cat, dog, and fish Week 2: whale, stingray, and butterfly Week 3: Heart, star, and box Week 4: bird, elephant, and koala

Beginner Origami

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Beginner Origami
flexible schedule Course
No live meetings
13-18 Years old
3-12 learners per class


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