Camouflage Kahoot!

In this one time, class students will learn what camouflage is and how animals use it. Students will be shown a variety of pictures via Kahoot with 4 answer choices. They will be asked to find the animal and make a selection as quickly as possible. Students will be playing the game with other peers live and they will earn a score based on their answers so there will be competitive fun. It is recommended that students use two devices for this class if possible. One such as a computer viewing the class and one such as an iPad or phone to select their answers. If two devices are not available that is fine they will just need their zoom screen open along with a browser. I recommend parental help if taking this route unless your child is familiar.

Camouflage Kahoot!
Shelby Landreth

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Camouflage Kahoot!
one time Course
30 minutes per class
One Time Class
6-10 Years old
3-6 learners per class

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