Intro to Sleep

This class will teach about the fundamentals of sleep and psychology while referencing the book "The Promise of Sleep" by William Dement. Students will need their own copy of the novel. They will be asked to read and discuss 1-2 chapters each week. Students will do this through discussion boards as well as using FlipGrid. Students will be asked to complete three projects during this course. At the end of week 4, they will be asked to present a project with a peer that given information a sleep disorder of their choosing. At the end of week 8, they will be asked to present 8 weeks of a completed sleep journal. At the end of week 12, Student will be asked to submit a 3-page paper discussing what they have learned from the class and what they have concluded as the results of their sleep journal. In addition to the chapter reading, there will also be discussion posts,FlipGrid, powerpoints and links to other outside sources. These are the chapters that will be covered each week. We will dive deeper than what these chapters do my enhancing the topic of each chapter with video lectures and other outside collaboration sources. Week:1 ch. 1.Long night's journey into day ch. 2.Short and personal history of sleep research Week 2 ch. 3.Sleep debt and the mortgaged mind ch. 4.Human animal and the biological clock Week 3 ch. 5.Circadian rhythm of life: growth and aging Week 4 ch. 6.Insomnia Week 5 ch. 7.Snoring and sleep apnea: the midnight stranglers ch. 8.Ambushed by sleep: narcolepsy and other sleep disorders Week 6 ch. 9.Our chronically fatigued syndrome Week 7 ch. 10.What does sleep do? ch. 11.Sleep, longevity, and the immune system Week 8 ch. 12.Mood and vitality ch. 13.Real life of dreams Week 9 ch. 14.Little night muse: creativity, productivity, and learning ch. 15.Take stock of your personal sleep needs Week 10 ch. 16.Face up to your sleep problems ch. 17.Learn to manage your sleep crises Week 11 ch. 18.Take age into account ch. 19.Adopt a sleep-smart lifestyle Week 12 ch. 20.Get a good night's sleep: starting tonight!

Intro to Sleep
Shelby Landreth

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Intro to Sleep
ongoing Course
No live meetings
15-18 Years old
3-12 learners per class


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