Kindergarten Course Flex

In this course, We will discuss the days of the week, months of the year, construct a calendar, check the weather, practice sight words, discuss the number of the day, and the topic of the day during each daily video. Students will be expected to follow along and fill in their own calendar and weather materials. Fridays will include a social activity in the form of show and tell. Students will be asked to post a video of their show and tell for the week. Students will be expected to comment or respond to other peer videos. Students will be given an activity to complete after class to reinforce learning of the topic of the day (for example ten frames) from their daily video. Students do not need any prior knowledge before this course. Students will be expected to turn in their completed work or post a picture or a video of the activity or engage in SeeSaw activities or posts along with responding to their peers. Students will also be given a math, reading, and science activity to be completed that week. Parents should see the learning goals section of the course for details on what these topics and standards will be covered. This is where students will complete the assignments each week. The amount of work will be tailored to each child's needs. I will be able to measure progress and provide reports using this system. This will be a year around course broken down into multiple sections to make it more affordable for parents. I am very excited to get to learn with all of your fantastic children. Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have questions The standards and topics that will be covered in this 9-week course are:

Kindergarten Course Flex

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Kindergarten Course Flex
flexible schedule Course
No live meetings
4-6 Years old
4-10 learners per class


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