Magical Math Strategies

In this ongoing class, students will learn a variety of different strategies to add and subtract numbers using a variety of different skills and activities. We will use tens and one’s blocks, 100's charts, number lines, pictures, and much more. Each week we will learn the strategy, then we will practice the strategy to ensure mastery, and students will be given materials to practice the skill at home as well. Week 1: Using Pictures To Add and Subtract Week 2: Using 100's Chart To Add and Subtract Week 3: Using Number Lines To Add and Subtract Week 4: Using Ten Blocks To Add and Subtract This class does not require any prerequisite learning

Magical Math Strategies
Shelby Landreth

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Magical Math Strategies
ongoing Course
30 minutes per class
2x per week every 1 week
4-6 Years old
1-10 learners per class

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