Managing Your Money: Life Event Planning FLEX

In this class, we will be covering all there is to know about finances. Students will be taught about how to properly manage money, how to prepare and use a budget, the good and bad of credit, debit cards, and loans and the interest that goes along with it. Students will learn what credit is and why it is important to have it and what will help and hurt your credit. Students will learn through pre-recorded lesson videos, websites that are shared from the teacher, students will be given worksheets and materials to complete as homework and upload to the classroom prior to the next day. Students will be asked to complete a project by the end of the course. This project will have them plan for a life event from beginning to end. They will have to state the event, make a budget, and stick to their budget while planning and achieving their event. This would be great for a student that is wanting to save for a trip or car. This is also ideal for someone that is getting ready to leave home to go to college.

Managing Your Money: Life Event Planning FLEX

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Managing Your Money: Life Event Planning FLEX
flexible schedule Course
No live meetings
14-18 Years old
3-12 learners per class


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