Social Skills FLEX Class

In this class, students will practice the correct response to social situations. The students will engage in discussion groups that will challenge their thinking if they struggle with social skills. They will respond to scenarios that relate to empathy, friendship, conflict, and basic interactions. They will be asked questions such as: Examples: 1. You are hanging out with a friend and he wants to go swimming but you want to watch a movie. What do you do? 2. Someone new asks to sit at your table at lunch. What should you do? 3. Have a group conversation about sports. We will have the discussion and then point out the important things to do in this case such as: make sure everyone is included, stay on topic, and show interest in other people's opinions. Students will engage in these discussion topics through the classroom discussion boards. Guidelines will be included in the post on how much interaction the student must complete at a minimum through FlipGrid. The students may also be asked to record a role-play scenario with another classmate using FlipGrid on a specific topic and upload it to the class page. Here other students will be able to comment on things that went well and things that can be improved upon.

Social Skills FLEX Class

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Social Skills FLEX Class
flexible schedule Course
No live meetings
8-12 Years old
3-12 learners per class


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