STEAM Engineering Challenge FLEX

In this class, students will engage in a variety of engineering challenges. There will be a new challenge posted every day! While completing all five challenges in the week are encouraged, students are required to complete two challenges a week as an individual and one challenge a week with 1-2 other students in a group. The materials for these challenges will be items that are commonly found around your home. All challenges for the week will be posted on SUNDAY so that students will have time to discuss with peers in groups on the challenges that they will be completing together and which ones they will be completing individually. Upon completing the challenge students will be asked to upload a photo or video of successfully completing the challenge. Discussions will be encouraged in the classroom to talk about things that went well and ideas that we not successful. Every day, after seeing completed projects, we will discuss the science behind the engineering challenges. This will be a very fun engaging STEAM class that will keep you on your toes.

STEAM Engineering Challenge FLEX

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STEAM Engineering Challenge FLEX
flexible schedule Course
No live meetings
8-11 Years old
3-10 learners per class


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