Under the Sea Adventure Series

In this ongoing class, students will embark on a journey to learn about a new sea creature each day. We will learn about sharks, turtles, and jellyfish. whales, and much more. Students will enjoy participating in a mix of interactive activities during class as well as some hands-on craft activities. Students will learn in-depth about each animal we cover. They will learn about where the animal lives, what, it eats, adaptative features that it possesses to ensure survival, and much more! Students will also get the opportunity to request animals that they are interested in to be added to the curriculum. Week 1: Sharks and Dolphins Week 2: Whales + Whale Craft Week 3: Fish and Coral Week 4: Jellyfish + Jellyfish Craft Week 5: Turtles+ Crabs Week 6: Stingrays + Narwhals

Under the Sea Adventure Series
Shelby Landreth

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Under the Sea Adventure Series
ongoing Course
30 minutes per class
2x per week every 1 week
5-8 Years old
1-10 learners per class

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