What Genes Are You Wearing?

In this 4 week course, students will learn the basics of genetics. We will explore our inheritance. Students will use hands-on experiments to discover how genetics affects organisms and their place in the environment. In week 1, we will what genes are composed of, chromosomes, and their effect on organisms as students create their own model. In week 2, We will discuss adaptations and how they are connected to genes. In week 3, we will take on the topic of mutations. We will discuss good and bad mutations. In week 4, we will discuss traits over time. We will learn how certain traits can help organisms survive and thrive. The student will be asked in week 3 to develop and present a presentation about a genetic disorder. Students will engage in conversations and discussions throughout the course using the classroom and FlipGrid. They will be completing an escape room at the conclusion of the course to challenge their new knowledge they have gained from the course.

What Genes Are You Wearing?

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What Genes Are You Wearing?
flexible schedule Course
No live meetings
9-12 Years old
3-10 learners per class


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