What Is Happening Around You? FLEX

In this class, we will be studying and discussing current events around the world. Students will be taught how to find reliable sources of information for terms of news. They will learn to use news articles, .gov or .org websites instead of using information from wikipedia, or reddit, etc. Students will be asked to research and find a current event every other day. On the days in between, they will be asked to read and comment on at least two other posts from peers. They will be asked to give their stance or opinion on this topic or something that they have learned while reading the text on a collarborative board. Students will have to find their own articles for submission and provide the link as well as a short summary for completion. Students will also complete interactive activities about some of their chosen topics using Word Wall Collaborative exercises. Children will be pushed and challenged to look for news all over the world. Guidelines will be giving each Sunday about what type of current event they will be searching for. Week 1: What’s going on in your city? Week 2 : What is going on in your country? Week 3: What is going on in other countries? Week 4 : Teachers topic choice There will be a week that I will post an event specifically and ask that the students all read the text and state their opinion and respond to the opinion of a peer about the topic. They will also be asked to support their option using facts or text. ' Students can be expected to learn about the events that are occurring around the world. As we work through events that relate back to other times in history, they will learn about both past and present events. They will leave this class for a new appreciation for staying up to date on what events are happening around them and why it is important to be aware.

What Is Happening Around You? FLEX

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What Is Happening Around You? FLEX
flexible schedule Course
No live meetings
12-15 Years old
3-10 learners per class


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