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Creative Minds Learning Center LLC.

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May 22, 2022 by Cortney P. on Creative Minds Learning Center LLC.

Grateful to have found Mrs. Shelby!

My daughter was supposed to start kindergarten in the public school system during the pandemic. My husband and I weren’t sure we felt completely comfortable sending her at the time so finding Mrs. Shelby felt like such a weight had been taken off our shoulders. We were somewhat nervous about how a kindergarten class was going to be able to work virtually but those nerves quickly disappeared because she is such an amazing teacher! I have nothing but good things to say about her! Everyone is included in her classes and she does such a great job at keeping young children on task and excited to learn (even on a zoom call where they can get distracted easily!) My daughter learned new things, while at the same time, having a lot of fun in her kindergarten course and she even made new friends! There is no shortage of social interaction and we really loved that, as well. The students also did fun hands on experiments and crafts! My daughter is extremely excited to continue her education with Mrs. Shelby in the fall for first grade!!

May 22, 2022 by Betsy H on Creative Minds Learning Center LLC.

Creative Minds Learning Center Exceeds Any And All Expectations Every Single Time

Creative Minds Learning Center is the absolute best! Saying my daughter’s experience in her First Grade Fun class exceeded all of my expectations is an understatement. Shelby and her team’s boundless energy and enthusiasm are contagious. Each time I sneak a peek at my daughter and her classmates, they are so engaged and excited about what they are currently learning/doing. My daughter absolutely loves the science experiments that Shelby organizes (I do too). Never would I have imagined that my 6 year old (5 at the time) would participate in activities like dissecting real owl pellets and building her own structure to test it for various weather (tornados, hail, etc) all in her online first grade class. Seriously, Shelby goes above and beyond for incredible memorable and educational experiences. As a founder and owner of a technology school, I am especially impressed by the organization of Shelby and her team’s curriculum, classroom operations, and the commitment to knowing their students on a personal level. They also do a great job of providing access to simple platforms to report out performance of the students to parents. Candidly before the pandemic, I never thought that my children would be homeschooled, but Shelby has single-handedly made me re-evaluate what schooling option makes the most sense for my children moving forward. I believe my daughter’s educational experience with Shelby combined with efforts at home has far outweighed any traditional schooling. My daughter has also participated in other programs/classes put on by Creative Learning (including a recycling class), which she has absolutely loved. I can not say enough positive things about Creative Minds Learning Center and will forever be a supporter of Shelby and her team. -Betsy H Founder and CEO of Tech Talent South

May 22, 2022 by Kelly F on Creative Minds Learning Center LLC.

Perfect Complement To Our Home School

I have been very impressed with the engagement and high quality instruction that my kindergartner has received with Ms. Shelby and Creative Minds. I was concerned about my daughter’s lack of interaction with other kids and questioned whether it was possible to meet her need to socialize, online. ONE class and I had complete confidence in Ms. Shelby. As a former (3rd grade) classroom teacher, I also questioned how much a five year old could learn via online learning. Could a younger learner really stay focused on an instructor not in the room with them? What kind of participation can occur via Zoom (or other collaborative platform?) Creative Minds has it covered. I was impressed with their ability to greet every student by name and their use of a spinner (for example) to make sure each student has an opportunity to participate and contribute. The instructors use Zoom features such as break out rooms to create small groups based on individual needs/strengths. It’s obvious great care and personal time are used in their lesson planning as groups are thoughtfully created and multiple sources used in their presentations. My student has learned sight words, word families (-at, -en, etc,) fact families, social skills, manners, identifying feelings of others, time concepts such as “yesterday,” “tomorrow,” months of the year… I could go on. We’ve done several STEM activities, enjoyed stories, and games. Any concerns about the experience being impersonal were set aside when her online teacher knew that she was strong in math and speaking vocabulary while needing more practice with basic reading skills. I’m not sure what “magic” is going on but these professionals are able to get my daughter to participate, learn and identify her individual needs. Our experiences have complimented our homeschool activities beautifully

May 22, 2022 by Sarah S on Creative Minds Learning Center LLC.

Can’t Say Enough About The Positive Impact!

Creative Minds and Ms. Shelby in particular have had a hugely positive impact on our 5 year old daughter over the past year. The daily pre-school and kindergarten classes our daughter took with Ms. Shelby were fun, engaging, and very educational. Especially during a time when traditional school settings were not available, our daughter thrived and continued to learn thanks to Ms. Shelby. Virtual learning can be hard at any age, but perhaps more so for very young learners. Creative Minds teachers are adept at making each learner feel seen, and keeping them focused and engaged. I’ll always be grateful for the incredible learning our daughter had this year despite obstacles caused by the pandemic, and we will continue to seek out opportunities to learn through Creative Minds going forward!